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Privacy Policy

BT Wealth Industries Public Company Limited and its affiliates (BTW Group Privacy Policy)

BT Wealth Industries Public Company Limited and its affiliates, hereinafter referred to as the "Company," respect the privacy rights of customers, shareholders, executives and employees of the Company, third parties who operate for the Company and individuals associated with the Company, and to ensure that such persons are fully protected by the Personal Data Protection Act. Clear and appropriate measures for the supervision and management of personal data as follows

1. Scope of Enforcement

This Privacy Policy Applicable to executive operations All employees, including full-time employees, contract employees, specify the termination of the contract. Temporary employees and contractors and individuals involved in the processing of personal data.

2. Definition

2.1 Personal Data Rrefers to information relating to a natural person, which makes it possible to identify that person. Directly or indirectly, such as first name, last name, national ID number, address, email address, telephone number. Financial information Ethnicity, religion, health information Sexual behavior, criminal record. Biometrics, IP Addresses, images, but no information of the deceased.

2.2 Sensitive Personal Data Refers to information that is genuinely personal to a person. This, as the Act specifically stipulates, requires special care. The consequences of data leaks can carry legal penalties. Sensitive information that can be vulnerable to unfair choice, such as race, race, official opinions, beliefs in cults, religions or philosophy. Sexual behavior, criminal record. Health, Disability Information Union data, genetic information, biological information, or any other information that similarly affects the owner of the personal data as announced by the Personal Data Protection Commission.

2.3 Processing Means any action taken on personal data such as collecting, saving, organizing, used to disclose, forward, delete or destroy personal information.

2.4 Data Subject Means a natural person who is the owner of personal data whose personal data can be identified directly or indirectly.

2.5 Data Controller Means a person or juristic person who has the authority to make decisions regarding the collection, use or disclosure of personal data.

2.6 Data Processor Means a person or juristic person who acts in relation to the collection, use or disclosure of personal data in accordance with the order or on behalf of the Company.

2.7 Company Means BT Wealth Industries Public Company Limited and its subsidiaries, including Best Tech & Engineering Limited and Best Tech Industries Limited.

3. Collection of personal information

3.1 In collecting and preserving personal data for the purposes, scope and purpose, the Company will use lawful and fair means. The collection is limited to the extent necessary for the company's operating objectives. Which includes:

1) Personal information such as first-last name, ID Card Number, position, workplace

2) Contact information such as address, phone number, email address

3) Financial information such as bank account information

4) Information obtained from automation or devices such as IP address, cookie

3.2 The Company will collect personal data with the consent of the personal data subject first by giving consent electronically or in accordance with the Company's methodology. In the event that the sensitive person of the data subject is stored, the Company will seek the express consent of the data subject prior to the collection, unless the collection of sensitive personal and personal data is made to the exceptions as specified by the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 or other laws which under Section 4 of this Act are not applicable to.

1) Collecting, using or disclosing personal data of the person collecting personal data for personal or family activities only.

2) The conduct of government agencies responsible for maintaining state security, including state fiscal security or public security, as well as duties related to the prevention and suppression of forensic money laundering or cybersecurity.

3) A person or juristic person who uses or discloses personal information collected only for media business. Arts or literary works that are in accordance with the ethics of the profession or in the public interest only.

4) The House, Senate and Parliament, as well as such commissions appointed by such councils, which collect, use or disclose personal information in consideration in accordance with the duties and authorities of the House of Representatives, Senate, Parliament or Commission, as the case may be.

5) Judicial review and officer's conduct in the proceedings Enforcement and placement of assets, Including criminal justice operations.

6) Processing the information of the company, credit information and members in accordance with the law on the business of credit information.

4. Purposes for processing personal data

4.1 The Company will collect or use the Personal Data Subject's Personal Data for the benefit of the Company's operations or to improve the quality of operations to be more efficient and/or to comply with laws or regulations related to the Company's operations.

4.2 The Company shall not act any differently than specified in the purposes of collection, except for

1) Inform the new purpose to the data subject and obtain the consent of the data subject.

2) To comply with the Personal Data Protection Act or in accordance with other applicable laws.

5. Disclosure and transmission of personal information

5.1 The Company will not disclose the personal data of the data subject to any other person without consent and will only disclose the information for the purposes for which it has been notified.

5.2 The Company may be necessary to disclose the personal data of the data subject to the Company or other persons at home and abroad in order to benefit the Company's operations and provide services to the data subject. In order to disclose personal information to such persons, the Company will ensure that they keep their personal information confidential and not used for other purposes. In addition to the scope set by the Company,

5.3 The Company may disclose personal data of the data subject under the criteria required by law, such as disclosure of personal data to government agencies, government agencies, etc. Regulatory authorities, including cases where personal information is requested to be disclosed on the basis of legal authority

5.4 If the Company sends or transfers personal data abroad, it will ensure that the destination country or destination entity has adequate standards and policies for privacy protection.

6. Protecting Personal Information

The Company has prepared or choose to use the personal data storage system to have appropriate mechanisms and techniques, as well as security measures in accordance with the laws governing the protection of personal data and related laws, as well as restrict access to your personal data from employees, employees and representatives of the Company. To prevent your personal data from being used to disclose, destroy or access without permission.

7. Storage time

The Company will only collect your Personal Data for as long as it is necessary for processing for the purposes of this Policy. Unless it is necessary to keep personal data for any other reason, such as to comply with the law or investigate disputes. The Company may need to keep the information for a period of time beyond the specified period of time.

8. Changes to the Privacy Policy

The Company may update or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time to comply with the legal requirements, changes in the Company's operations, as well as recommendations and comments from various agencies.

9. Rights of personal data subjects

You may request to exercise any rights as required by law and as specified in this notice as follows:

9.1 The right to request access to and obtain copies of personal data relating to them or request disclosure of the acquisition of such personal data for which they have not consented to.

9.2 The right to request the correction of such information to be up-to-date and accurate.

9.3 Right to give, Transfer or request personal data in the event that the Company has put it in a format that can be read or used in general with tools or devices that automate the work and can use or disclose personal information by automated means.

9.4 The right to request the deletion or destruction or destruction of personal data is non-personally identifiable when it is out of necessity or when the personal data subject withdraws consent.

9.5 The right to request the suspension of the use of personal data in the event that it is personal data that must be deleted or when such information is out of necessity.

9.6 The right to withdraw consent to the processing of information provided by the User The withdrawal of consent does not affect the collection, use or disclosure of personal data that has already been consented to.

9.7 Right to object, the personal data subject has the right to object to the collection, use or disclosure of the information at any time.

10. Contact Channels

If you have any questions or wish to edit, delete information, Exercise or contact other matters relating to your information. Please contact us via this contact channel.

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Effective from May 31, 2022 onwards.